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Education for Change: Promoting Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) through storytelling for peacebuilding

Our stories immerse young readers in a world where they can learn peacebuilding, conflict resolution, empathy, and compassion while having fun. Our works encourage young readers to develop foundational skills to build empathy, compassion, and resolve conflicts; paving the pathway to becoming more active and responsible citizens.


A book for building bridges

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Our Mission

Stories That Shape the Future: Rising Advocates' Educational Vision

Helping new generations find their voice, by teaching conflict analysis, resolution, and peacebuilding skills.
  • Rising Advocates is an advocacy and educational platform
    dedicated to promoting children’s rights and environmental justice through storytelling and education.
  • Our goal is to support parents and educators by equipping young advocates with the tools they need to address the complex problems of the 21st century.
  • Our books and curriculum have been implemented within SEL programs in several
    public and private schools in America and international schools.
Join us in cultivating a generation of compassionate and socially aware LITTLE advocates.

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We are cultivating a generation of compassionate and socially aware little advocates

At Rising Advocates, we understand the importance of integrating peace education within Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Through our stories, we aim to help our young readers take the first steps in becoming community leaders, providing skills to increase their agency and resilience.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the latest research findings are translated and transformed into user friendly materials, resources, and curricula, all intended to empower educators and bring SEL strategies to life.