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Welcome to Rising Advocates, an educational advocacy group dedicated to empowering young minds through the transformative power of storytelling. We believe literary fiction offers a unique platform to examine real-world issues like democracy, peace, and social responsibility.

At Rising Advocates, we understand the importance of integrating peace education within Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula. Through our stories, we aim to help our young readers take the first steps in becoming socially aware community leaders.

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Stories That Shape the Future: Rising Advocates' Educational Vision.

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We Are Cultivating A Generation Of Compassionate And Socially Aware Little Advocates.


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Respect For Children’s Views

Last Word Teaching future generations skills to recognize their rights, raise their voices against acts of exploitation and heighten both their personal autonomy and greater participation in civic society.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Last Word A free society cannot remain free indefinitely if it fails to respect the myriad shades of people & opinion within & without its borders.“Care for children & you care for the world.”

Social Justice Education

The January 2023 murder of Tyre Nichols and the collective societal reckoning we have all experienced, brings Rising Advocates back to why our social platform was created.



by: Cintia Alfonso Fior

Award: 2023 Reader’s Favorite Golden Medal Winner in Children Grade 4th-6th Genre
A young girl receives a special message from a sacred Lakota leader about her power to change the world…
Twelve-year-old Moraline is about to run away from her problems—again.

Since moving from New York to California, Moraline has been pushing against a hot dry wind whenever trouble happens. But a chance encounter with a mysterious Lakota spirit puts Moraline on the path toward understanding the power she holds in fighting injustice.

She feels helpless by herself, but she starts to gain new friendships with Serenity, a girl mourning the loss of her mother, Amani, an immigrant from the Congo, and Edmundo, a boy of Mexican heritage struggling with the injustices of child labor. Together, they face some of the bigges tissues of their time head-on.

Moraline is an impactful story for social justice education, environmental awareness, and racial literacy


A book for building bridges

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