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Rising Advocates

We are an educational advocacy group utilizing storytelling based on literary fiction to explore real-world issues of democracy, peace, and social responsibility.

The benefit of using stories to help children formulate questions related to their place in society also permits them to ask critical questions. Encouraging self-determination in children produces more well-rounded citizens capable of shaping a positive future.

Why Rising Advocates

How Does Storytelling Promote Life-Affirming Lessons?

A redesigned literacy program in our schools can serve as a developmental template for children in their formative years, especially those from groups that have been historically marginalized. Its focus on critical thinking and awareness offers the potential to transform classrooms into collaborative communities with an emphasis on addressing race, violence, and environmental justice.

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“Powerful but not preachy middle-grade fiction that speaks from the heart and invites readers to share in a better future.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Fior has skillfully created strong, complex, relatable characters in her racially diverse cast.”

Blueink Review

“Moraline is a gentle, empowering novel in which young advocates find their work enhanced by moments of magic.”

Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Moraline is a thought-provoking story that will inspire a new generation of movers and shakers”.

The Children’s Book Review

“Moraline is an extremely powerful story, as it aims to equip children with the right way to handle their emotions and teach them how to understand and deal with different forms of conflict and situations. This is a highly recommended tale”.

Reader’s Favorite Review


Rising Advocates

It is vital that those who will be thrust into a society which forms judgments based on racial and cultural backgrounds, to be better equipped with the necessary skills to peacefully resolve conflicts. Children will be far more likely to actualize these resolutions if the values of acceptance and cultural diversity are shaped at an early age by the alternate realities of storytelling.

“Storytelling can also be used to teach engaged thinking, where one develops the capacity to think as others do without losing the capacity to think for oneself.” – (Gould, 2013).

Resources for Parents and Educators

Why Inclusive Books Strengthen Children

When students are introduced to peacebuilding and resolution skills, conflict analysis, and environmental justice through stories, they are more likely to grasp these issues autonomously. This platform allows them to come to their own conclusions; gaining a more intrinsic understanding of their unique place in a complex world.


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by Cintia Alfonso Fior

A young girl receives a special message from a sacred Lakota leader about her power to change the world…

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