Our Solutions

Teacher Capacity Building

At Rising Advocates, we are committed to empowering educators with the knowledge and skills they need to include Peacebuilding skills in their SEL curricula. Our teacher capacity-building programs provide comprehensive training and resources to equip teachers with the tools to foster advocacy, critical thinking, and social responsibility in the classroom. Join us in building a brighter future through empowered educators.

Our Solutions

Peacebuilding SEL Curriculum

A Peacebuilding SEL Curriculum aims to create a school culture where students and educators actively contribute to a peaceful and inclusive environment.

Our books and Peacebuilding SEL Curriculum typically include the following:
  • Conflict Resolution Skills: Teaching students’ effective strategies for resolving conflicts, managing disagreements, and promoting peaceful solutions.
  • Human Rights and Environmental Justice: Incorporating age-appropriate lessons on human rights and our responsibility to our world.
  • Empathy and Perspective-Taking: Developing students’ ability to understand and empathize with the perspectives and feelings of others.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Incorporating lessons on cultural diversity, inclusion, and respecting cultural differences to promote peace and understanding.
  • Global Citizenship: Encouraging a sense of global responsibility and understanding interconnectedness, fostering a commitment to promoting peace on a broader scale.