Helping new generations find their voice, by teaching conflict analysis, resolution, and peacebuilding skills.

Rising Advocates is an advocacy and educational platform, dedicated to promoting children’s rights and environmental justice through storytelling and education.

Our mission is to serve as a bridge between communities, as well as reduce positionality with engaged listening, and empathic validation. Our goal is to support parents and educators by equipping young advocates with the tools they need to address the complex problems of our world.

Through our free educational resources,
including course curriculums, blogs, and monthly newsletters, we foster shared learning and reflection opportunities for families, educators, and community members.
Our engagement opportunities provide spaces where people can harness their collective power and act for change. Through this continued cycle of education and engagement, we plan to build and maintain meaningful relationships within communities.


Rising Advocates

We are an educational advocacy group utilizing storytelling based on literary fiction to explore real-world issues of democracy, peace, and social responsibility.
The benefit of using stories to help children formulate critical questions related to their place in society. Encouraging self-determination in children produces more well-rounded citizens capable of shaping a positive future.

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